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A World-Leading Psychedelic Supply Chain Solution

Psygen’s progressive business model is primarily focused on the large-scale manufacture of GMP psychedelic APIs. With existing Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) lacking expertise and infrastructure to produce at scale – and often manufacturing in non-dedicated facilities under restrictive exclusivity agreements — the current supply chain is insufficient to meet the industry’s growing needs.


Psygen will be publicly listed and fully operational in 2022 – investing back into its development program and enabling the production of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics at scale.

Our Story

Ryan Zurrer of Vine Ventures interviews Peter van der Heyden & Danny Motyka, discussing their founding vision.

Ryan, one of Psygen’s initial investors who has a significant shareholder position, has been a venture capitalist for a decade. Ryan launched Vine Ventures in 2019 to invest broadly across the emerging psychedelics landscape. Vine is the leading venture firm in psychedelics.

Press Releases

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