The world of medicines for mental health is shifting

Psygen believes in the transformative power of psychedelics, and we are determined to increase access to these compounds.
It is time to replace stigma with curiosity and ignorance with evidence.


Psygen will be internationally recognized for our pioneering work producing psychedelics at scale – and respected universally for our tireless innovation and founding ethos of generosity.

Social Mandate

We are committed to donating up to 10% of all profits to nonprofit entities that provide access to therapy for low-income and marginalized populations, and that conduct research programs advancing understanding of psychedelics.

What does ‘Psygen’ mean?

The name Psygen is a collaboration that expresses the philosophy and purpose of our company.


Psy is from the Latin psyche - taken from a Greek term meaning life, mind, soul, or breath.


“Gen” relates to ‘kinship,’ ‘interconnectedness’ and, as we see it, a spirit of generosity in treating people, customers, and those taking our medicines as a family or kindred souls.

Our Team

Psygen’s executive and facility teams have sector-leading capabilities in psychedelic medicinal chemistry, manufacturing, formulation, and management. Our directors and advisors are experts in pharmacology, regulatory compliance, law, and finance.

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